How tall is Sonja Sohn?

Sonja Sohn is an American actress and director known for her work in television and film. She gained widespread recognition for her role as Detective Shakima "Kima" Greggs on the critically acclaimed HBO series "The Wire," which aired from 2002 to 2008. Her character on "The Wire" was notable for being a tough, competent, yet empathetic police detective, and the role earned her significant acclaim. Born on May 9, 1964, in Fort Benning, Georgia, Sonja Sohn has a background that is a blend of African-American and Korean heritage. This diverse heritage has played a role in her artistic expression and advocacy work. Beyond her role in "The Wire," Sohn has appeared in several other television shows and movies. She played a recurring role in the Showtime series "The Chi" and appeared in "Body of Proof," "Burn Notice," and "Luke Cage," among others. Her film credits include "Slam," "Shaft," and "Step Up 2: The Streets." In addition to her acting career, Sonja Sohn has been involved in community work and activism, particularly in Baltimore, where "The Wire" was set. She co-founded a non-profit organization called ReWired for Change, which aimed to empower at-risk youth through arts and media-based educational programs. The organization was inspired by the social issues highlighted in "The Wire" and sought to address the needs of communities affected by crime and poverty. Sohn has also tried her hand at directing. She directed the HBO documentary "Baltimore Rising," which focused on the city of Baltimore in the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray and the subsequent protests and civil unrest. The documentary was an extension of her commitment to social issues and her connection to the city of Baltimore. Sohn's work, both on-screen and off, has been characterized by a strong commitment to social justice and community engagement. She has used her platform in the entertainment industry to highlight important social issues and to effect positive change, particularly in underserved communities.

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How tall is Sonja Sohn?

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